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Monday, 29 January 2018

Lenovo A5000 Dead & Short Solution

Lenovo A5000 Dead & Full Short

This is commonly happened by water damage or physical damage.The phone may over heated.  Istrongly recommend to you must remove your battery at this time. I am presenting here a 100% tested solution..

Lenovo A5000 Full Short Solution

1.Remove the Capacitor

2.Next Remove This

For more details watch this video..


  1. track chek karne me bro bahut export ho great job

  2. i tried this method and thank u
    now the phone is just restarting and the lenovo logo appear then it restarts again what can i do now?

  3. really after remove two capacitor is now open

  4. i only removed the second capacitor and the phone works normal, then i test the capacitor with my VOM it shows shorted, thanks to who ever post this solution

  5. Thank you so much... Keep Sharing!!!!